Motivation vs. Discipline

Motivation vs. Discipline

Motivation is the the initial driver behind creating a vision of your most desired end-goal. Maybe it’s that dream body. Maybe it’s feel confident more often. Maybe it's learning a new exercise.  

Then, there's discipline.

We've all been there: the early morning workout routine is rough and your motivation doesn't seem to be working. Discipline is what gets you out of bed.

  • Discipline drives you to seek improvement over gratification.
  • Discipline forces you to prepare to go to the gym when you really don’t want to.
  • Discipline knows you'll might not be perfect, so it takes proactive steps (just in case).

Motivation on the other hand can be less intangible like a vision board or a compliment on the progress you've made. In the example of a vision board, these are goals you are thinking about achieving on any given day, month, year, or life. In our vision boards we typically put things like a dream job, photos of fitness inspiration, maybe an event we would like to attend, or a house we’d like to buy or build. But thinking about those beautiful photos on your wall won’t get you to the goal itself.

Sure, manifestation is great, and we firmly believe in it, but let's be real—it won’t belong to YOU until you get up and take the steps to get there. 

Discipline tells us to get to the gym, plan around the obstacles we know would normally get in our way, choosing to eat better, and holistically taking care of yourself. Being disciplined on the daily is not easy, but it can become more automatic! Here's how:

Write a to-do list

Write down a list of things to do. These can be big or small. They can be as big as buying a new car or as small as putting the dishes away. Break down the bigger tasks into smaller steps needed. Then, start with the biggest tasks, get those done first.

You’ll have the most energy at the beginning so why not cross off the harder tasks? Then work your way down to the easier ones for the day. Didn’t get to all of them? No worries, roll them over into tomorrow. Don’t forget about them.

Set aside time

Set aside specific time for going to the gym on your schedule. It may be at 5-6 am before work or at 6-7 pm after work. Either way, make a spot for it. Set aside blocked time for yourself during the week. Make time to do your favorite tasks such as reading or writing or even just catching up on your favorite show.

Find an accountability partner

This can be a good friend, family member, significant other, or even stranger! Choose a check in amount, either once a day or once a week or so. 

Try to pair with someone who has similar goals. Make sure you hold each other accountable! This could be by sending your partner your workout you just completed or a check in photo, or even a picture of your healthy dinner. 

Make an actual vision board

Put all your goals and aspirations on there. Put it somewhere you can see it every day. Tell yourself that you want to achieve these milestones but remember that staring at them won’t make them magically happen. Write down some steps to start achieving these goals. Then, see step 1. 

Discipline may or may not happen overnight, it’s all dependent on the person. Don’t victimize yourself by saying you’re just a lazy person and that’s how you are. No. Make it your purpose to be the best self you can possibly be, and then, go.

Work at it. Every day. Some days you may be able to do more, some maybe a little less. Either way, try to accomplish at least one thing every day that brings you a little closer to your goals. That is the difference between motivation and discipline.
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