Cardio. Why not have fun with it?

Cardio. Why not have fun with it?

You either love it or you hate it. Why not have fun with it?

Most often, cardio is at least somewhat required for your workout regime. Most often, I will see individuals choose running/walking or stair stepper for their cardio. But have you ever tried spin?

I tried spin for the first time about two weeks ago and PHEW, that was a workout. During a typical spin class, it is 45 minutes to an hour long, which includes warm up, cool down, and stretching. In this time, it is typical to burn at least 300 calories (from personal experience). Each workout is led by an instructor that guides you through the hour. You bike to upbeat songs and pedal to the beat. It takes a bit of mind and body connection, but once you get the groove, it is a blast.

Soreness is not as common for spin as it is, say, for a typically leg day. There is little to no joint pain because there are constantly alternatives to the cycling style (standing and sitting). If you keep pedaling, you are burning those calories and gaining that power. 

During your first class, you may wonder what you got yourself into. You will most likely feel like you are dying (remember to drink plenty of water)! Take it easy and remember that it is your first class, it will be difficult, and there is still plenty to learn. But you do get stronger and it does get easier.

Spin or cycle classes are incredibly addicting. Going 3 times a week would be the perfect amount to build muscle and burn fat without burning yourself out and causing injuries. I would also advise you to go to classes that have the same coach. Building that coach to athlete relationship makes class more enjoyable and is easier to learn that way, your coach can see you improving and make educated changes from there. 

Overall, if you are looking for a fun and different way to get some cardio in, I would highly recommend trying a spin class if your local gym offers it or find a spin studio nearby! It doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

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