How to Start Working Out - The Beginners Guide

How to Start Working Out - The Beginners Guide

How to Actually Start Working Out

A lot people want to start working out, that’s probably but you’re here. But, the main question that gets asked next is how to start working out. Here are some things that can assist in getting started working out. 

Whether it’s a New Years resolution or a newfound lifestyle, if you were brought to this page, it’s because you told yourself if you wanted to start working out, then got stumped with actually working out. This is for you.

Start small.

I said it.

There is absolutely no need to go in headfirst full force, you will most likely get burnt out and have a bitter taste for fitness in your lift. This doesn’t go for everyone. Some people need to go all in to stay committed to something, and that is completely understandable. This goes for everyone.

Do what you know you’re capable of doing, then add a little more.

If you know that realistically you are capable of working out three days a week, then start there. Start with an hour workout, three times a week. Then try to add in another day. Then try to hit five days. Ease yourself into it.

Fitness does not look the same for everyone.

Just because you want to get fit, does not mean you have to do what you see influencers doing. There is no shame in play8ing tennis or swimming to get fit, you do not have to do an hour of lifting then hour of cardio every day. Even a 30-minute walk daily will show progress. There is no one set standard for how you get those workouts in. 

Hold yourself accountable. If you have trouble with this, try to fin a partner to keep you accountable. Do it for your friend, your parent, your child, do it for your dog so you can start taking them for more walks. 

Get up at your first alarm.

When you hear that alarm, get up and get moving. Do not hit snooze. Do not take a few extra minutes. Do not pass go. 

Start small, hold yourself accountable, and get moving. Sounds simple? Good, now go! You got this.

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