How to Create a Structured Lifestyle | 5 Tips from Competition Prep

How to Create a Structured Lifestyle | 5 Tips from Competition Prep

Bodybuilders live a certain way to reach a goal, year-round, each and every day.

It’s not a food party or a celebration meal after the gym. They workout 2-3 times a day, depending on the amount of cardio they need to get in.

So, how do they do it all and stay on track with the same 24 hours we all have? Check out these five tips to help you get there:

They eat at or around the same time, every single day.

Bodybuilders eat a meal every 2-3 hours throughout the day. This could mean they are eating up to 7 meals.

Food for thought: You need time to digest your food and you need to ensure you don’t each all of your meals before the day is over. Nothing sucks like running out of your food at 6 PM and having to wait until the next morning.

Set an alarm for each meal.

Repeating the same behaviors daily creates a habit. Set your alarms throughout the day to time your meal. Depending on how many meals you have, you should end your day on a good note with a final meal right around bedtime.

“Not eating” leads to bad food-grabbing habits.

By knowing ahead of time that your next meal is at 2 PM, you have a plan and shouldn’t have any reason to wait 4-5 hours to eat. This will ensure you are keeping your metabolism up, while avoiding a large amount of time without eating which might lead to a reactive, convenient food-grabbing behavior. This behavior usually includes something that is not part of your diet.


Sleep and food are nearly equal in importance.

Working out is taxing on the body and your goals require daily effort revolving around a routine. Staying alert throughout your workout is a matter of your own safety and requires energy and recovery which stems from sleep. Although a perfect schedule of waking up at the same time every day is ideal, more important is the amount and quality of sleep you get each night.

Pack your fitness bag and meals the night before.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Think about everything you have to do tomorrow. Now think about the half of that list that will probably get moved to the following day. In fitness, this is a goal killer.

By packing your meals ahead of time for the next 1-7 days, you have zero reasons to let anything get in the way of your goals. Want to level-up even more? Set out your workout clothes or bag the night before too. There’s nothing easier than throwing on an already set out a pair of sneakers, grabbing those headphones and pre-workout, and heading out the door.

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