Benefits of Moving During Your Workday

Benefits of Moving During Your Workday

Benefits of Moving During Your Workday

Get up and get going.

While adapting to a world where 6-ft apart became the norm last year, many jobs have been moved to work from home.

Even the jobs that have not been moved, most jobs entail sitting for long periods of time. Sitting for long periods of time increase health hazards and reduces concentration for most people. 

Luckily, a brief 20 minute mid-day walk at lunch can do the trick. This quick walk has benefits both mentally and physically. 

Do you pep-talk yourself through a food coma after your lunch break? I know personally, I am ready for a nap, but that clearly cannot happen.

Most individuals have a difficult time dragging themselves out of bed in the morning or finding the motivation post work to get a good workout in. This walk is a perfect way to avoid any drag.  

According to the US Surgeon General, people who walk at least 10,000 steps per day will burn between 2,000-3,5000 extra calories per week. This additional calorie burn results in a longer and healthier life. 

A midday walk can help burn calories, boost metabolism, regain focus and more. This gap in your workday also aids in boosting your mood and energy level. The brief exercise can also clear your mind, reduce stress, release creativity, and more!

Set an appointment for yourself on the calendar 

If you have a difficult time setting aside that half an hour to take a walk, try to schedule it as an appointment in your calendar.

You know how good it feels to cross anything off you are to-do list for the day! You can also try to walk with a buddy such as a coworker or neighbor, you will be less likely to cancel because you feel you need to fulfill that commitment to your walking partner. You can also always have a pair of walking shoes and a jacket with you, so you never have an excuse to not go. 

This is just one quick way to feel more productive and healthier at work! Take a break, take a walk, and breathe. 

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How great that you talk about how important moving is during the day. I am moving homes this month and I know it will also be a lot of exercise. I will find a good moving service to help with the lifting that’s too heavy for just me.

Tiff Gregers

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