The Athlete's Guide to Gym Bag Essentials

The Athlete's Guide to Gym Bag Essentials

What’s in Our Gym Bag?!

If you’re anything like us, we overpack for every scenario, including the gym. Here’s a peak at what’s in our gym bags.

Gym Towels!
Two is better than one because sometimes, let’s just admit it, we forget to wash that first one. This is perfect for everything from cardio to lifting to yoga. When you’re sweating and don’t want to ruin your shirt over the dirt and grime, use a microfiber towel to wipe your face and hands. This has recently been great for those spin classes we mentioned a few posts back!

Water Bottle & Pre-Workout
Hydration is essential! Especially, after working out when your body has released a ton of water (sweat). Bring an extra one just so happens to find itself in the bag every day. It may or may not be from forgetting to clean out the bag from the day before, but that is okay. Water, water, water. You can never have enough of it. This goes without much explanation. 

Pre-workout, you either need it or hate the stuff. If you're the athlete that needs caffeine, try keeping your pre-workout in your car. Driving to the gym prepared will have never been so easy. 

Extra Headbands
We personally keep about 2-3 headbands in our bags because, why not. One for every gym outfit we have so we always match. I am 100% kidding, but, it doesn’t hurt to have at least one black one and one fun one. 

Soap, shampoo, conditioner, facewash, razor, lotion, deodorant, perfume, tampons, you get the gist of it. Anything and everything that you would use for a shower and getting ready for the day is in that side pocket. 

Lifting Accessories
Included but not limited to, ankle straps, booty bands, cables, gloves, sweat waist band, lifting straps, wrist wraps. Better to have it all with you than need it and not have it.

Extra socks and underwear
Ladies… if you know, you know. 

Without headphones, there is no workout. Fully charged headphones are a present on our longest lift days. And, if we forget our headphones, we might as well go home. If you need a basic pair of wireless ones, 5 Below has them in stock!

Try to get in the habit of throwing your headphones on the charger right after you get home, so you don’t constantly forget when they die on you mid workout. 



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