5 Items Your Gym Goer Girlfriend Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

5 Items Your Gym Goer Girlfriend Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’re probably wondering what to get your gym freak girlfriend. Well, Buddy, I’m here to help you out. Besides the typical gift ideas of socks (yes, we love socks), leggings (no brainer), and coffee (need I say more), here is a list of 5 gift ideas to get your girl. I can attest that these will be used on a regular basis.

Zulay Frother | $21.99

Frothers are no longer for just making that fancy TikTok coffee that went viral during the quarantine. Frothers are now used for mixing your pre-workout or post-workout protein. There are so many colors listed on Amazon. This is bound to be something to make her life easier.


Tracking Water Bottle |  $22.99 

Adequate hydration is essential for any lifestyle, not just an active one. These adorable water bottles are a trendy accessory while keeping your special lady motivated throughout the day to keep drinking her H2O. The wrist strap and straw make the bottle super practical. They make a 32oz bottle and a 64oz, too! Check out all the colors and styles they have on Amazon.



Hair Tie Holder | $14.86

When the hair tie comes out, it’s about to go down. Has your girlfriend ever complained about a new hair tie being too tight and irritating her wrist? No? Well, I can assure you she’s had the struggle. Check out this cute and motivational bracelet that doubles as a hair tie holder. Yes, it’s kind of dorky, but it’s still adorable and your girl will love the thought put into it.


Cute Blender Bottles | $9.99

Blender bottles are always a must, but why are they so serious? Get your girl a fun blender bottle with some funny sayings on them and they’re bound to become her favorite shakers. There are so many out on the internet from funny to serious and motivational. Either way, skip the plain colors and go for a unique one that will stand out in or outside of the gym.


Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt | $11.25

This 2-in-1 order is golden. Perfect for your girl post leg day or when she just wants to relax from a stressful day. Draw her a bath and pour some of this in and boom, instant relaxation. Dr. Teal’s Salts help ease muscle pain and speed up the recovery process. This goes great with some bubble bath and a glass of wine to top it off. Light some candles and make her night. 


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